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cup measure might bump your serving up by whole PointsPlus values. (Our Plan Guide on making smarter food choices will give you more info about portions.) Keep in mind, too, that because of the complexity of the PointsPlus calculation, the math doesn’t necessarily follow that 1 + 1 = 2; It’s entirely possible that while one serving is 1 PointsPlus values, two servings may be 3 PointsPlus values. Don’t let portion creep derail your efforts. 3. Don’t ditch entire food groups There’s a lot of science and thinking that’s gone into the calculation of your own daily PointsPlus Target. It ensures that your basic nutritional needs are met. It assumes that you will eat a reasonable amount of 0 PointsPlus values fruit and veggies. And it assumes that you will eat a balanced diet that combines the relatively low PointsPlus value options such as lean proteins and fat free dairy products, with
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should be dried thoroughly before they’re put back on the bed, on either a medium or high heat setting. Line drying is also perfectly fine, and actually the sunshine will help keep white sheets bright, bright white. Which is a handy thing to know if you’ve got white linens and a line drying facility. Sweat: The yellowing that’s so commonly found in the center of white or lighter colored sheets is caused by a bunch of things, but sweat is the main culprit. Borax, OxiClean, bluing those are all great options for getting the unsightly yellowing out of those sheets. One reader specifically asked about treating female ejaculate; I told him the answer is the same, regardless of the part that created the fluid, and then we high fived because YEAH BUDDY!Blood: Blood on the sheets happens, whether due to a bloody nose, cracked skin, a scratched off scab, or the presence of a lady with wildly fluctuating emotions. The good news is that blood stains can be treated in a number of different ways that

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