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there yet, you can still list it. For instance, if you’re working on your Masters degree then you can list the school, city and state of that school. On the next line, you can note that you have 40 credits toward your Psychology degree. The same goes if you attended a school then transferred. However many credits you completed, you can still list them. When you’re creating your resume, very often experts will tell you to keep yours to a length of one page. The same is true for education resumes; however, if you have to stretch it out some to two pages, this is perfectly acceptable. The main reason this is the case is because there are extra sections such as certifications, certificates and licenses, and more, to consider. The good news is that creating your education resume is not much different than any other type of resume. There are just a few more details to include to help ensure that the person hiring you knows you’re fully qualified. If you include those details, you’ll have a great resume to submit for

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