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Nuestra Misión

 Misión: proporcionar a todos nuestros clientes las herramientas y soluciones vanguardistas que les permitan aumentar la competitividad dentro de su sector, así como la disponibilidad de la información para la toma de decisiones en el tiempo y el lugar preciso.

Nuestra Visión

Visión: ser reconocidos nacional e internacionalmente como un proveedor de soluciones que permitan incrementar la eficiencia y productividad operativa a nuestros clientes, siempre bajo un marco de buena cultura empresarial y responsabilidad con el medio ambiente.


Nuestros Valores


Los valores corporativos son elementos de la cultura empresarial, propios de cada compañía, dadas sus características competitivas, las condiciones de su entorno, su competencia y las expectativas de los clientes y propietarios.

Nuestros valores corporativos son los siguientes:


alertNuestra empresa define su posicionamiento estratégico competitivo definiendo sus valores corporativos, es decir, aquello que quiere ser y hacer, en lo que confía y cree como su forma de conducta y la manera como quiere ser reconocido y aceptado por los clientes y la comunidad.

Lo importante es que los valores correspondan con nuestra estrategia.



60 Million in Series E Financing led NEW YORK, Feb. Boston based asset manager Fidelity Investments led the investment round, with participation from existing shareholders including New Enterprise Associates and Advanced Publications, Inc., the parent company of Conde Nast. Other current shareholders include New Atlantic Ventures, LVMH and RRE Ventures. "The continued success we have experienced demonstrates the strength of international luxury consumers and their demand for the exceptional assortment of product, access to brands, and runway collections that only Moda Operandi can provide," said Moda Operandi CEO Deborah Nicodemus. "We are thrilled with the support our investors have shown us, and look forward to continuing to transform the online luxury shopping experience for our clients all over the world." "Moda Operandi’s disruptive business model and technology platform create a unique value proposition for both consumers as well as designers and brands,"
month and final flight home. For reasons that I do not need to explain, the airline shall remain nameless. I was among fifty unsuspecting passengers who boarded a small commuter plane bound for Cincinnati where many of us had connecting flights. We had one of those infamous "on time" departures. It was a sunny day without a cloud in the sky so who would have suspected that we would sit on the tarmac for three and a half hours in the broiling sun due to a weather delay. Finally the decision was made to cancel the flight and return this hot, sweaty, dehydrated group of people to the terminal. Once inside we made our way to various agents to rebook our flights. It was late enough in the day that there was no way I could fly to Cincinnati or anywhere else and make a connecting flight julius peppers 2xl jersey home. Finally it was my turn to approach the airline agent sitting behind the "customer service" desk looking for all the world like Attila the Hun on one of his worst days. She was not in a
capire dove si trovano i tasti del pad pero per tutti i generi controllabili col solo mouse, secondo me uno smartphone o tablet sarebbe il top del top. OT: giusto per dire, su kongregate ho giocato a chance mi ha dato emozioni incredibili in soli 10 minuti di gioco. Angry Birds era un esempio (l più usato, diciamo). Con un suo video, Drom aveva mostrato che c comunque buoni giochi su iPhone/iPad, e questo non lo metto in dubbio. Ma dimmi una cosa : tu un telefono lo compri per videogiocare? E tu una console portatile la compri per telefonare? E come se mi dicessi la PSVita con 3G perchè voglio quasi esclusivamente telefonare oppure (quello che sto sentendo adesso dal podcast) l quasi esclusivamente perchè voglio giocare Ma ci rendiamo conto che una è una console portatile, fatta meglio per videogiocare, con giochi di miglior spessore e solitamente qualità rispetto ad un iphone che si, ti concede di videogiocare,
but its impact is unlikely to be severe (D. James and M. Jeffery in litt. 2005). Less specific threats include over fishing and marine pollution. In addition, climate change may threaten the species through changes to sea surface temperatures, rainfall patterns and El Nio Southern Oscillation (Commonwealth of Australia 2004, Olsen 2005), although it is unlikely to be affected by sea level rise as it nests above 100 m (D. James in litt. 2005, 2007). At sea, birds may suffer from direct hunting and bycatch, but this has not been documented (Commonwealth of Australia 2004, Olsen 2005). If some birds feed close to Java this could bring them into contact with Taiwanese and Indonesian fisheries (Olsen 2005).Conservation Actions UnderwayCITES Appendix I. A national park was created in 1980, which has since been extended to cover more than 60% wholesale jerseys of the island (D. James in litt. 2005, 2007) and includes most breeding areas. A lease agreement with Christmas
Another Sunday, another improbable comeback victory for Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos. This one involved scoring ten points in the last three minutes of the fourth quarter to force the game into overtime, with the last three coming Elite Mens John Abraham jersey on a 59 Authenitc Kids Deone Bucannon jersey yard field goal. Then in Authenitc red Deone Bucannon jersey overtime, just as the Bears reached field goal territory, their defense forced a fumble and thereby put the ball in their young star’s hands. A few plays and another field goal later, the Broncos were celebrating their sixth consecutive Elite Mens Chandler Catanzarojersey victory.

And so the legend of Tebow grows. On the field, his style continues Elite red Jonathan Cooper jersey to baffle analysts and defies traditional football metrics. He misses pass after pass, then late in the game, Elite red Jonathan Cooper jersey he flips a switch and suddenly becomes unstoppable. Off the field, he talks openly about his Christian Authenitc Kids John Abraham jersey faith and refuses to insult his opponents (even those who mock his on the field praying). He’s candid and absurdly humble, leading many to suspect he’s a fake. After watching several Tebow performances and post game interviews, one might be inclined to Kids Chandler Catanzaro jersey write him off as under qualified and inauthentic, and there are certainly many who have reached exactly this conclusion.

However, they are wrong. The reason this conclusion is incorrect is simple: Tim Tebow has won his locker room. This phrase gets thrown around so often and imprecisely that it is easy to overlook the important implications it carries. But first, consider the evidence. The reason Tebow is always in a position to engineer a comeback is Youth Chandler Catanzarojersey that his defense keeps Elite Womens Frostee Rucker jersey games close. They force turnovers at critical points in the game (last week, the interception of a Christian Ponder pass in the final minute of the game led to the game winning field goal). On offense, his teammates play hard every down, sell their routes, and block. They speak highly of Authenitc Kids Jonathan Cooper jersey their quarterback and don’t express frustration Mens John Abraham jersey with his obvious shortcomings.

This might seem like the way one would expect professionals to conduct themselves, but that is simply not the case in the NFL. There are so many egos and even more eccentric personalities; Authenitc Kids Deone Bucannon jersey Frostee Rucker jersey corralling all of these into a coherent unit is a remarkable feat of coaching and leadership. Players often quit on coaches or quarterbacks when they are unhappy or uninspired. If one is skeptical about the validity of this claim, he needs not look further than other AFC West teams like the Raiders or Chargers to find brazen examples. Moreover, the list Authenitc Mens Bobby Massie jersey of subtle things or minor insults that can lead to such behavior is quite lengthy. Mens Bobby Massie jersey So now consider what the reaction to a phony choir boy who regularly misses open Elite Womens Frostee Rucker jersey receivers and fails to generate scoring Youth John Abraham jersey drives in the first three quarters would most likely be?

Rather than being inspired to step up their game, the defense would likely resent the added pressure of compensating for an anemic offense. Receivers might tire of trying to catch poorly thrown balls and stop completing their routes. Players would criticize underperforming teammates, either openly or anonymously. But as discussed above, the reaction has been the exact opposite. This can only mean one thing: though the cards were obviously stacked against him, Tim Tebow has won over his teammates. And this matters. Because his teammates are the ones who see him at his best and at his worst. They interact with him in the huddle Authenitc Mens Deone Bucannon jersey and in the locker room. They witness his work ethic. Therefore, more than the sports media or the millions of armchair analysts, they understand the man.

Their daily interactions with Tebow have led to a bond of some sort, and while the rest of us are not privy to the basis for their decision to embrace him, we are left with the evidence that they indeed respect him. The refusal of Tebow’s teammates to quit on a game or play in dejected fashion after a few miserable quarters speaks volumes. Those who are deaf to this growing roar can continue to fixate on his many flaws, but they are missing the point. Tebow is special. While his current streak will surely end, perhaps Elite Bobby Massie jersey sooner than later at the hands of Tom Brady and the Patriots next week, his ability to rally the Broncos and what this says about him is evidence that he will have success beyond this streak. And if he happens to learn how to throw sometime along the way, watch out!.

Hi! I’m Casey Atkinson from Willie Driving School here in Logan, Utah. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about the basics of driving a car. First thing’s first, get the steering wheel, when you’re driving keep both hands on the wheel and stay focused, look ahead, don’t look right in front of the car but look well out in front of the car so you can see what’s comin’. You also have a gas pedal and a break pedal. Now, you don’t need to use two feet. All you use is your right foot for this pedals. Also, you need to know if you’re going to drive a stick shift or automatic. That way you can practice with that. Now, while you’re driving, you want to follow some basic safety tips. First thing is you want to know exactly what’s around your car all times. So, do that and you check your mirrors, this mirror, your discount ray bans side mirrors, and also you’re going to check your blind spots. That’s the area at the side of the car you can’t see with your mirrors. So, when you’re turning and you glance over your shoulder, look over the side over there and make sure there’s no cars or people over there. Basically, when you’re driving, safety comes first, always focus a hundred percent of your attention on the road.
Kristoff St. John of "The Young and the Restless" recently had cheap jerseys sale to deal with the loss of his son. On Thursday, Radar Online shared the news that Kristoff now believes that it may have not been suicide and that he died in another way. Three months after the death of his son reports are out that St. John now has plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the death of his son. When he passed away, reports came out that Julian St. cheap oakleys online John had died. The original reports shared that it was a suicide and that he has been battling mental illness all his life. He died on Nov. 23, 2014. The initial reports from the coroner said that it was a suicide that caused the death of 24 year old Julian St. John. He was found dead while staying at a mental hospital. The medical examiner said in the preliminary investigation that it was suicide by asphyxiation. There was a bag over his head when the body was located. A source close to the family says that they do believe that it was murder and not a suicide. Sources are now revealing that Julian St. John called his mom a few hours before his death. At that time, he cheap oakleys store was scared and even told her that he thought another patient there was going to kill him. He was on a suicide watch and was supposed to be checked on every 15 minutes. The family is really hoping to see the security cameras while at court and that they will show that this did not happen and that other people were coming in and out of his room. Once they head to court, more information will come out about the death of Julian St. John.

immediately. Finally, the company has $29.9 million in cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet. So even though cash flow is a bit low, available cash could cover the dividend for a while.What really concerns me is that the company eliminated the dividend in October 2008. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why auto dealers are in a very cyclical industry, and you gotta do what you gotta do to survive. But is that really want to see in a stock I want to hold for the next 50+ years? Nope. It also tells me the dividend is a much lower wholesale jerseys priority than debt repayment (understandably), which also hints that rewarding shareholders with real cash back isn’t all that important to the company.The company doesn’t reward shareholders either with share repurchases. In April 2010, the total shares outstanding count of 25.98 million. Today, it’s 26.25 million. The company has not split recently.In general, the company appears to want to reward shareholders with capital appreciation, but not much else. As someone who wants
of out of body experience. I am a beautiful, inspiring young woman talking about spirituality and you can see what people choose to focus on. People hear and see what they want to. I have a vast amount of work to do on myself. When people think they’ve reached perfection that is when the degradation begins." Her homemade spiritual advice videos on Youtube add a few makeup tips, and it’s easy to look beyond her alien like appearance. She has an enormous following, for just the numbers of "haters" in her closet she has just as cheap michael kors handbags many supporters. Human Barbie Doll holds the record for most money spent on cosmetic surgery Is it live or is nike jerseys it Memorex The Human Barbie even does a sance in her documentary 2016 jerseys cheap to prove her remote skills, with her real life friends she refers to as "soulmates." At one point the groups resorts to a bird whistling technique that Lukyanoya says aligns you with your spiritual DNA. Has the "plasticity" gone to her head She’s been to a psychiatrist she claims to